Writing Update: September 2019

Writing Update: September 2019

Seeing as we’re more than half of the way through the year I wanted to give an update on what to expect over the last few months of the year and to give a full accounting of what I’ve been working on.

On the work side of things I’ve completed my 16th month with Olive + Goose Consulting focused primarily on working with Microsoft Services. As part of that work we’ve published a series of seven eBooks on Cybersecurity and Identity which I’m excited to have contributed to. I’ve also done quite a bit of non-work writing: perhaps the most fun part has been kicking off a fiction writing group with a few friends and writing 20,000 words (and counting) on a sci-fi/fantasy project. I’m incredibly excited to see the results of everyone’s work and I’m confident that a couple members of our little group are going to end up with their novel’s published by someone or other.

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of writing on technology, urbanism, and the green economy. I’ve contributed to The Urbanist, Planetizen (where I’ve become a Contributor and plan to continue writing), Coin Law, Coin Review, Olive + Goose’s Blog “Olive Press” and more. You can see a full list of my published work so far this year at the end of this post and you can find more information and future writing here on my blog or over at my facebook page.

As to what else I’ve got planned, I’ve currently got one piece we’re shopping for publication and a couple more in the pipeline with Planetizen. If you’ve got recommendations or tips for potential articles, shoot me a message or feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for your support - and keep reading!



2019 Writing:

Politics and the Environment

·        Why Jay Inslee Should Embrace Cross Laminated Timber (Planetizen)

·        Seattle Should Lead on Mass Timber – and Solve our Housing Crisis (The Urbanist) – featured by Planetizen

·        Seattle’s Beverage Tax is a Symptom of Washington State’s Upside Down Tax System (conorbronsdon.com)

·        Portland got it right – Seattle needs E-Scooters too (conorbronsdon.com)

Blockchain and Fintech

·        Washington State Introduces Blockchain Bill (CoinReview)

·        Washington State Law Would Kickstart Fintech Innovation (CoinLaw – featured post)

·        The Effect of Blockchain Regulation on WA’s Fintech Community (Olive Press)

·        Washington State Senate Unanimously Passes Blockchain Bill (conorbronsdon.com)

·        Washington State’s Blockchain Bill Signed Into Law (CoinLaw)

Cybersecurity and Identity

·        Securing Manufacturing: How we can improve speed and efficiency while protecting from cyber threats (Slideshare)

·        Citizen Digital Identity: Enabling and empowering individuals and institutions (Slideshare)

        Digital Agility - The key to innovation in the digital age (Slideshare)

·        Identity - Building Trust in a Digital World (Slideshare)

·        What Does it Take to Protect Your Workplace? (Slideshare or via Microsoft Services)

·        How Does Your Cybersecurity Posture Need to Change? (Slideshare or via Microsoft Services)

·        Enabling a More Secure Transformation in the Digital Era (Slideshare or via Microsoft Services)

Sales & Marketing

·        How Challenger Sales Can Help Your Marketing (Olive Press)

·        The Challenger Content Marketing Funnel (conorbronsdon.com)

·        Challenger Sales & Marketing Alignment (Olive Press)

·        Developing Challenger Content: Constructive Teaching (Olive Press)

·        5 Tips on Email Marketing (conorbronsdon.com)


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