Portland got it right – Seattle needs E-Scooters too

We need to face the facts. Seattle’s traffic is terrible. Our city is gridlocked; we need better mobility, and we cannot continue to expect one solution or another to fix the situation. We need to follow Portland’s lead and expand our multi-modal approach to include the one vehicle alternative that is cheap, sustainable, and can have an immediate impact on our city’s transportation mess: e-scooters

Seattle’s beverage tax is a symptom of Washington’s upside-down tax system

Seattle’s beverage tax is a disaster in its stated mission of curbing sugar consumption. Proponents of the Beverage Tax claimed it would help reduce obesity and address epidemic levels of sugar abuse by disincentivizing drinking of sugary sodas while raising needed revenue for the city by creating a “sin” tax on negative behavior. Instead, the tax’s revenue has beaten all projections, topping $16 million in the first 9 months.

How can Challenger Sales methodology help your marketing?

While implementing Challenger methodology congruency into content marketing, we face a major obstacle – it’s significantly more difficult to tailor marketing content to specific customers than it is to tailor sales interactions. Instead, we can build constructive tension and achieve similar impact by addressing technology trends and specific market segments.